Upper thoracic adjustment 

There are many different techniques used in practice, to adjust certain parts of the spine. Above is a cross bilateral adjustment of the thoracic spine. The patient generally suffers with upper back and neck pain, due to a sedentary work life! 
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Left CT junction adjustment 

Left sided C7/T1 adjustment. Patient was suffering with lower neck and upper back stiffness, due to prolonged desk work. 
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Sacroiliac joint adjustment 

Side posture adjustment of the SI joint. 

Neck adjustment on child 

Chiropractors treat people of all ages groups. Above is a clip of a cervical ( neck) adjustment on a 6 year old boy, who was seen at the clinic with neck discomfort, following a trampolining fall! 
As you can see, he enjoyed being adjusted 😃. One visit later, he is pain free! 

Upper back adjustment 

Upper thoracic adjustment. Bilateral hypothenar contact. 
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